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Is font fluidity a good idea?

Using the idea from gender fluidity can we make a font fluidity with variable typefaces?Certainly a question with many angles. I was listening to Radio 4 and they were talking about gender specific/neutral/fluid clothing, which I thought was an interesting subject that could maybe be cross over into other design areas, specifically typefaces in this question.

I’m going to park this here and make it into a bit of a working document for now as I’m sure there are many questions to be thought about. And I have the feeling that many voices may need/want input on such a subject so I’m happy to hear comments.

What could be meant by font fluidity?

Could I make one?

And if not then who could?

And would everyone agree?

Are there any gender specific typefaces?

And does everyone agree on these?

What is meant by gender fluid?

And how does/could it relate to a typeface?

Is it technically possible?