I found the Apple Pay experience has a potential problem

It’s time to talk about today’s Apple Pay experience.

We made a trip to BM today to return a dysfunctional light. I had tried the same thing just two days previous but failed because I didn’t have a card with the correct last four digits. I guessed it must be one of my wife’s cards instead so I had to return home and try again another day.

Today we both took this dysfunctional light back to the shop. The till person was very helpful but, again, none of our cards matched the correct last four digits.

Then the lady asked if we had used our phones to pay. Oh! Maybe we did. We are quite new to the paying by phone thing so didn’t know this might make a different number. But who’s phone? And which card on that phone?

So there’s the question. By making things so convenient are we really making things more complicated?

Luckily my wife only has the one card on her phone and we tried hers first – and it worked, so no stress. But would there be a problem if you have more than one card on the phone? Would you be able to find which card was used? Or is it all taken care of automagically by the powers at Apple? This is not mentioned on the Apple website.

Time will tell if this is a great design.