round foundational lettering

Converting my Round Foundational Hand Lettering into a typeface

Round foundational hand lettering Here’s a typeface I’ve had in my mind for a while now. It’s based on the traditional round foundational hand lettering I learnt while at art school. Create that perfect card with hand lettering and all the confidence that your letters will be perfect every time. I want to develop on this typeface further by pushing an even more calligraphic style in the lettering. I love

fontan typeface banner

A new calligraphic typeface design: Fontan Roman

Fontan Roman is a single weight calligraphic typeface design based on influences from Trajan and Round Foundational lettering; both being lettering styles I studied, many moons ago, while at art school. Calligraphic Typeface design I’ve wanted to design a typeface since leaving art school but never had the time, tools, or patience. When I discovered BirdFont it was time to try. Typeface design influences Trajan lettering Foundational hand lettering Future